Analogue Audio Mastering

Since 1993, located in Belgium (a country far too small to focus on only, so I embrace the world with my passion for analogue audio mastering).

Hi, I'm Philip, a highly trained, skilled senior audio mastering engineer. I have 27 years of full-time experience. I have produced thousands of masters in virtually every genre of music worldwide.

My studio provides an exceptional acoustically neutral environment (tuned and calibrated). I consider her as a truly modified mastering system. My creative knowledge of music and harmony theory makes it possible to enhance your mixed recording. My relative and perfect pitch and being a musician is an advantage when communicating with you as a client.

I'm proud to work with the best analog and digital signal processing tools to deliver you a truly superior product.  I give my masters a unique sound quality. I make your mixes clear, dimensional and distinct, with more impact to the average listener.

Call me a nerd in search for perfection... my experience, gear, musical and technical knowledge makes me confident enough to say that my masterings are true art.

I offer you as an artists, musician, producer or record label an easy way to get your music mastered through internet. I will personally approve your mixes.

Like everybody, you are looking for cost effective, fast, real-time collaboration for your mastering solution to thrive (without considering losing quality).

If you have any questions please contact me, I look forward to work with you.

Warmest regards, 

Philip Opdebeeck.